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Metal injection molding MIM Mold and design

1. Capability Overview

Designing and manufacturing molds is one of Ruilong's core technologies and capabilities. We think this ability is also the main reason why we can produce high-quality MIM products at low cost. We have sufficient ability to respond to customer design changes and meet customers' urgent needs. Our advanced equipment and experienced craftsmen enable us to complete mold manufacturing by ourselves, and provide new molds for 50-80 sets of new products every month.

模具及设计 (图1)

2. Processing

Ruilong's factory has high-end precision welding molds, accessories, measurement manufacturing technology. We continue to invest in new equipment and technology to improve our production speed and accuracy.

The following are some of our processing equipment and capabilities:

⑴ European and Japanese high-speed CNC milling machines for cutting copper and graphite EDM electrodes

⑵ Used to build mold processing hard mold technology in a short time 

⑶ Master extremely accurate modern wire and sinking EDM technology

⑷ Mold unified processing system used to quickly and accurately change machines

⑸ Tool deviation forecasting system to eliminate machine structure errors

⑹ Scan head inspection equipment used to inspect mold cavity and electrode

⑺ Precision grinding technology with temperature control environment.

模具及设计 (图2)

3. Pre-sale technology

Ruilong's mold technology is mastered by a well-trained design and engineering team. This team can turn your ideas into reality. Our strictly managed engineering team is familiar with the design of production, injection molds, fixtures and measuring instruments. We use 3D software to work such as: ProEngineer and SolidWorks. We provide a full range of product design services, including industrial design, FEA, 3D process analysis, mold flow analysis, etc.

Ruilong's professional market business team provides professional services in various regions, and has established sales and service agencies in Asia and North America.