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Metal injection molding MIM produce

Ruilong has advanced manufacturing technology. The Hebei factory (building area of 65,000 square meters) and the Zhejiang factory (building area of 20,000 square meters) located in mainland China have advanced continuous sintering furnace equipment and post-processing equipment.

1. Feeding manufacturing

Ruilong has the ability to mix and produce MIM raw materials with free special equipment, and mix batch powders and binders precisely and accurately in a controlled environment, thereby maintaining high quality and flexibility.

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2. Forming

We use advanced and precise injection equipment on the market. We believe that machines debugged by Ruilong technicians can achieve higher performance and higher production quality. Ruilong has upgraded the equipment on the injection machine to realize automatic production.

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3. Degreasing and sintering

Before sintering, Ruilong uses a special degreasing process to remove the binder, which is an environmentally friendly process and easy to monitor. Sintering is continued under ultra-vacuum or high temperature. The temperature of the furnace is precisely controlled by using different gases, so it can handle a variety of alloys. Our continuous sintering capability can effectively meet the needs of various customers for high-capacity and high-efficiency products.

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4. Measurement and laboratory

Ruilong has a modern and well-equipped metrology department. Our advanced nature is reflected in our vision inspection system, three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument, scanner, radian and surface roughness, laser particle size, metallographic inspection equipment. The laboratory is responsible for maintaining and calibrating all measuring instruments and common measuring tools used in the process.