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MIM process flow


Metal injection molding (MIM) is a typical cross-border product of the discipline, combining two completely different processing techniques (plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy) into one. It enables designers to get rid of the traditional shackles and obtain low-priced, special-shaped stainless steel, nickel, iron, copper, titanium and other metal parts by plastic molding, thus having greater design freedom than many other production processes.

2. Pre-sale evaluation

Jingyan's pre-sales team will work closely with you to determine whether the product to be processed is suitable for MIM manufacturing in terms of cost, material, and manufacturing feasibility. At the same time, Gian will also give suggestions to change the design in order to achieve optimization effects through MIM


3. Raw materials

Special metal powder (micron level) is mixed with high-quality polymer, and the MIM special feed is formed through a precisely controlled preparation process. Compared with traditional powder metallurgy, the particle size of the metal powder (micron level) and the extremely low impurity content ensure that the MIM sintered density reaches 98% of the theoretical density; and a variety of specially formulated polymers can provide good injection The fluidity can also ensure efficient degreasing ability.


4. Injection

Use the injection machine to heat the MIM feed and evenly fill it into the mold cavity. After cooling, the MIM injection blank is obtained. A mold that meets the characteristics of MIM and a reasonable process match are the key to this process


5. Degreasing

A professional degreasing furnace is used to gradually and efficiently remove the main body binder in the injection blank, and the remaining skeleton binder maintains the shape of the product so that the degreasing parts can be moved into the firing stage.


6. Sintering

In the MIM vacuum furnace or atmosphere furnace, the framework binder is removed, and the metal powder is densified into a complete metal body at a temperature close to the melting point, and a sintered part with a nearly finished shape is obtained after cooling.