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MIM process advantage

MIM process advantage 1: high design freedom

Compared with other metal forming methods, MIM can produce more complicated parts. Basically all the structures that can be realized by injection molds can be used on MIM

MIM process advantage 2: more material choices

Almost all metal materials can be used in MIM. Considering economy, the main application materials include iron-based, nickel-based, copper-based, and titanium-based metals or alloys.

MIM process advantage 3: excellent physical and chemical properties

Because the sintered density of MIM is very close to the theoretical density, its physical and chemical properties are also very good, such as mechanical strength, which greatly exceeds traditional powder metallurgy.

MIM process advantage 4: exquisite appearance performance

The surface roughness (Ra) of the MIM sintered compact can be 1μm, and the dazzling appearance can be obtained through various surface treatment methods.

MIM process advantage 5: higher dimensional accuracy

MIM can generally achieve a tolerance accuracy of ± 0.5%, and with other processing methods, higher dimensional accuracy can be obtained.

MIM process advantage 6: powerful and flexible mass production capacity

MIM can flexibly adjust and rapidly increase the output, from a few hundred pieces per day to more than hundreds of thousands per day and can respond quickly.

MIM process advantage 7: environmentally friendly processing concept

The raw material utilization rate is close to 100%, which is a near-net forming technology that can effectively avoid material waste.