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MIM design wizard

MIM products usually have the following characteristics


Wall thicknesses less than 6mm are suitable for MIM. Thicker outer walls are also possible, but the cost will increase due to the long processing time and the addition of additional materials. In addition, extremely thin walls of <0.5 mm can also be achieved for MIM, but have high requirements for design.


MIM is a more flexible process, and the annual demand of several thousand to several million can be realized very economically. Like castings and injection molded parts, MIM requires customers to invest in molds and tooling costs, so for small batch products, it usually affects cost estimates.

raw material

MIM can handle many materials, including iron alloys, super alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys, refractory metals, cemented carbides, ceramics and metal matrix composites. Although non-ferrous alloys of aluminum and copper are technically feasible, they are usually processed by other, more economical methods, such as die casting or machining.


GIAN provides comprehensive assistance to realize the value of the MIM process. We help you upgrade your existing products in design and material selection, and also help you with a full set of product development services, including industrial product design, technical analysis, rapid prototyping, and laser scanning.