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Why choose ruilong

Dozens of companies in China and abroad have chosen GIAN as their MIM partner. We continue to provide customers with high-quality MIM and post-processing products, which has won GIAN a high industry reputation. This is the result of GIAN's continuous improvement of quality assurance, continuous innovation and continuous improvement of service quality.


We have developed more than 1,000 MIM products for different markets and applications. Rich experience enables us to develop new products quickly and effectively and become experts in processing and manufacturing.


GIAN has set up factories or service organizations in mainland China and Thailand, and has a complete MIM post-processing workshop.


We provide a wide range of services and provide complete manufacturing solutions for customers' complex needs. We provide you with professional management and integrated services from beginning to end. GIAN has talents, resources, and the ability to efficiently complete large and small projects.

custom made

We provide highly flexible solutions, adjusting our manufacturing process and capacity to meet customer needs. We can continue to meet the needs from different applications and markets.


Our management process is systematic, and we consistently attach importance to each batch of goods. We look forward to success and take practical actions for it. We constantly review our work and continue to improve.


GIAN people use all their wisdom and technology to provide you with the ultimate fruit-value.