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China metal injection molding MIM stainless steel 17-4 medical accessories

China metal injection molding MIM stainless steel 17-4 medical accessories

Metal injection molding MIM, powder metallurgy

Ruilong specializes in manufacturing MIM metal injection molding technology application, which is a new type of MIM metal injection molding near net shape technology application that combines modern plastic injection molding technology applications with traditional powder metallurgy technology. It is mainly used for the production of small and medium-sized, high-precision, three-dimensional and complex metal parts with unique performance indicators.

MIM metal injection molding

It has long been widely used in electronic information engineering, and also in microbiological medical equipment, office supplies, cars and mechanical equipment, hardware accessories and other materials, even in the fields of sports equipment, watches, weapons, and aerospace. Dabble, that technology application has long been widely regarded as the most trending field internationally.

MIM metal injection molding in the field of medical equipment, the rapid development trend of metal powder injection molding technology application also shows a strong driving force and extraordinary superiority. The vast majority of medical devices are a large number of high-precision parts and sensor materials. Due to the unique characteristics of medical devices, they have high-precision regulations for medical devices and high-precision parts for medical devices. And the regulations of the required accessories of some sensors are also continuously improving.

The application of the new technology of MIM metal injection molding enables the manufactured medical accessories to have a high degree of standardized precision. MIM metal injection molding can meet the requirements of most high-precision medical devices for accessories, such as With its light and small size, high density, complex appearance, and high mechanical properties, the medical device industry chain will surely become a huge customer that promotes injection molding parts due to the strong demand for medical devices. , Will definitely promote the development trend of this new field, I believe that in the near future, medical devices will still become an important pillar market of China's injection molding industry chain at a certain level.

Ruilong Precision is now a manufacturer with rich experience in manufacturing various MIM metal injection molding products in the field of medical equipment. In the future, it will also focus on MIM metal injection molding high-precision products in the field of medical equipment.