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Advantages and applications of cemented carbide metal powder injection molding technology
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Advantages and applications of cemented carbide metal powder injection molding technology

The powder metallurgy parts produced by injection molding technology have strict requirements on the raw material powder, and the products produced by the powder in the particle size range of 0.1-10μm can easily achieve high dimensional accuracy. The raw materials used in the current cemented carbide production basically belong to this particle size range, which meets the requirements of MIM technology for raw material powder. Therefore, the raw material powder of cemented carbide can be directly used in the injection molding process without increasing the cost of raw materials. This is cemented carbide injection A big advantage of forming technology.

Advantages and applications of cemented carbide metal powder injection molding technology(图1)

Advantages and applications of cemented carbide metal powder injection molding technology (Figure 1)

Cemented carbide has a series of advantages such as high hardness, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and small expansion coefficient. It is an indispensable tool material for metal processing, mining, oil drilling, national defense and military industries. In addition, in recent years Lai carbide has also been widely used in wear-resistant decorative parts such as watch cases. The traditional cemented carbide production method (press-sintering method) can only produce products with relatively simple shapes, which limits the application range of cemented carbide. Cold and hot isostatic pressing can produce products with complex shapes, but the cost is high and it is not suitable for mass production. The production of cemented carbide injection molding technology has broadened the application fields of cemented carbide. This technology can produce products close to the final shape at a lower cost, with complex geometric shapes that are difficult to produce by ordinary molding and other methods.

We may be relatively new to metal powder injection molding. Its process is low in cost and high in efficiency, and it can be customized to process complex and smaller metal hardware accessories. For such a process, it is also called: popular part forming technology. So what are the advantages of metal powder injection molding technology?

  1. It can greatly reduce the segregation of alloy components and avoid the uneven state of the as-cast structure.

  2. It can be applied to a series of high-performance non-equilibrium materials such as amorphous and microcrystalline, crystal preparation, nanocrystalline, supersaturated solid solution, etc. These materials have excellent electrical, magnetic, optical and mechanical properties.

  3. Metal powder injection molding technology can carry out near-net forming and automated mass production, reducing the consumption of production resources and energy.

  4. It can produce materials and products with special structures and properties that can be produced by ordinary smelting methods, such as new porous materials, porous separation membrane materials, high-performance structural ceramic abrasives and ceramic materials.

  5. It can make full use of the scale of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, and rolling mills, and recover metal scrap as raw materials. As a new technology, it can be used for material recovery and comprehensive utilization. In line with the current concept of green environmental protection.

  Metal powder injection molding is suitable for mass production. It can prepare micro-composite or macro-composite parts to give full play to the excellent performance of different materials.