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Application of metal injection molding in the field of titanium alloys
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Application of metal injection molding in the field of titanium alloys

After the titanium alloy metal powder is injected, it is a semi-finished blank for degreased and sintered


Qinhuangdao Ruilong Co., Ltd. was established in July 2007. It produces and manages powder metallurgy PM and MIM, and produces various high-precision and complex mechanical hardware parts.

Powder microinjection molding technology (μPIM) is a new type of technology. The traditional powder injection molding method is used to prepare products with an overall size of millimeters, a size of a partial structure of micrometers, and a precision of micrometers. Prospects. Due to the difficult processing characteristics of titanium alloys, the use of μPIM to prepare micro titanium alloy parts can achieve low-cost, mass production. Currently, in the field of medical equipment, high-end audio preparation and micro sensor preparation, μPIM technology has been used to prepare micro Titanium alloy parts.

Titanium and its alloys have low density, high specific strength, good biocompatibility, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, which have great application potential in aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, chemical and other fields. Injection molding technology (PIM) can realize the low-cost preparation of small and medium-sized titanium products with complex shapes, which is of great significance for promoting the production development and application of titanium alloy products. This article briefly introduces the characteristics and advantages of powder injection molding titanium alloys, starting from powder Preparation, binder application technology, powder injection molding process, material properties and other aspects of the research progress of titanium alloy powder injection molding technology are reviewed, and in view of the current main problems, the research direction and development prospects of powder injection molding titanium alloy are analyzed. .

Main business: Copper-based, iron-based, stainless steel, powder metallurgy precision press molding (PM), precision dewaxing casting and injection molding (MIM), stainless steel and bronze powder porous sintered filter elements, etc. Products: oil-impregnated bearings; gears; structural parts; double gears; eccentric wheels; timing belt wheels; washing machine accessories; coffee machine grinders; remote control car gears; small modulus gears; inner ring gears; various gearbox gears; ground meat Machine blade gears; bevel gears; bevel gears; sprockets; toy precision gears; steering gears, textile machinery (high-speed rope machines, jacquard) transmission gears and special-shaped structural parts, sintered filter elements, filters, mufflers, etc. Widely used in automobiles, mobile phones, computers, fine jewelry, remote control fuel vehicles, yachts, car DVDs, gear boxes, locks, furniture, reducers, household appliances, power tools, toys, medical equipment, motors, etc. The products are sold at home and abroad Thousands of companies have received unanimous praise. Our company relies on strict quality management concepts, high-quality talents and an enterprising spirit to provide users with the highest quality products and services. It is the best partner for the majority of users based on the pioneer of the industry. "Ritong" people adhere to the business philosophy of "Quality First", "Service First", "Pragmatic and Seeking Truth" and the corporate spirit of "Striving for a better, enterprising", and continue to develop and improve. Warmly welcome domestic and overseas markets. Friends from home and abroad come, guide, develop and prosper together, and create a better tomorrow together!