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Application of tungsten alloy in the field of metal injection moldingmim
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Application of tungsten alloy in the field of metal injection molding

With the development of society, the technology of various industries in our country is developing rapidly. Powder injection molding technology is a molding technology that has only been developed in recent years. Its application in metallurgical fields such as insoluble tungsten alloys has a certain effect. , Has an important role in the development of the field of powder metallurgy in my country. The author will do a comprehensive research and analysis of powder injection molding technology, and conduct related research on its application in metallurgical fields such as insoluble tungsten alloys.

Application of tungsten alloy in the field of metal injection molding(图1)

At present, people are paying great attention to the development of cutting tools and small cemented carbide tools for difficult-to-process materials and wood processing (printed circuit board drilling and welding micro-drills and teaching electrodes). In order to produce the above products, they are usually used In terms of performance, it is significantly better than standard alloy fine-grained cemented carbide. The tungsten-based fine-grained and ultra-fine-grained cemented carbide used in my country's industry is characterized by the use of relatively coarse tungsten powder and an average particle size of 4-9μm Tungsten carbide powder.

Refractory tungsten alloys and cemented carbides are widely used in industry. This article mainly introduces the new developments in ultra-fine/nano tungsten alloys and cemented carbide powders and alloy preparation technologies in recent years, focusing on injection molding, spray conversion , Sol-spray drying-thermal reduction and alloy grain control technology, and pointed out the future research and development direction of tungsten alloy and cemented carbide.

Qinhuang Daolong Co., Ltd. was established in July 2007. It produces powder metallurgy and metal injection molding MIM technology, and produces a variety of mixed hardware and mechanical parts.

Powder micro injection molding technology (μPIM) is a new type of technology that uses traditional powder injection molding methods to prepare products with an overall size of millimeters, a particle structure of micrometers, and micrometers of fineness. It is extremely bright because The characteristics of titanium alloy processing can be realized by using micro-alloy parts made of μPIM, mass production, currently in use, high-end preparation and synthesis fields have been ordered for tungsten alloys prepared by μPIM technology.

Tungsten alloy has low density, high specific strength, good biological properties and oxidation resistance, aerospace resistance and other characteristics, and it has application prospects in aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, chemical and other fields. Injection molding technology (PIM) realizes the manufacture of small and medium-sized composite titanium and titanium products, which is of great significance for the production development and application of titanium alloy products. Can briefly introduce the characteristics and advantages of plastic molding titanium alloy, develop the research progress of titanium alloy foam molding technology from the aspects of powder preparation, catalyst application technology, powder foam molding technology, material properties, etc., and aim at the current existing problems, Formed the research direction and development direction of the main molding materials of foam molding.

Main business: copper-based, iron-based, stainless steel, powder precision precision mold (PM), dewaxing precision casting and injection molding (MIM), bearing stainless steel and bearing manufacturing power and power, etc. Products: oil-impregnated bearings; gears; structural parts; double gears; eccentric wheels; timing belt wheels; mold wheel accessories; coffee machine grinders; roller wheels; decimal wheels; internal gears; various gearbox gears; meat grinder gears; Bevel gears; bevel gears; sprocket wheels; toys; steering gears, mechanical textile high-speed rope belt machines, jacquard gear transmissions and special-shaped structures, precision power, filters, mufflers, etc. Aerospace vehicles, tourist cars, travel DVDs, luggage, locks, furniture, appliances, household appliances, power tools, toys, medical equipment, motors, etc. The products are exported to cruise ships and thousands of companies and have won praise for their performance. The quality management concept, high-quality talents and enterprising spirit users provide them with the highest quality products and services. It is the best partner for many users to see the pioneer in the industry. "Ruilong" people in line with the "quality first", "service first", "pragmatic and truth-seeking" business philosophy and "struggle and advance" corporate spirit, continuous development and learning, warmly welcome your enthusiasm, Friends at home and abroad visit, guide, develop and grow together, and create a better tomorrow together!